Shaping The Past Documentary

By Marty Stalker | 29th March, 2014 | Documentaries | 1 Comment

I was approached by Sky Sports Presenter Charlie Webster to make a documentary about her 250 mile challenge for Womens Aid. She wanted a ‘warts and all’ / unpolished account of the seven days and how could I turn her down? Although the challenge in itself was going to make interesting television, it was the personal story from her past and true motivation which hooked me in the most. All I had to do now was do the project justice and deliver a raw, captivating film for a potential broadcast once finished.

X Moor EPK & Viral Films

By Marty Stalker | 12th February, 2014 | EPK | No Comments

I was given a great opportunity before Christmas by production company ‘The Fyzz’ to film the EPK on the ‘X Moor’ feature film directed by Luke Hyams. I always enjoy having the full access that EPK productions bring and I get to observe how feature films are made as well as chat to cast, crew and producers. The film was being made in Northern Ireland during an Irish winter and the weather didn’t let us down! Ducking in and out of rain showers and snow became a common activity during the shoot.

Calling All Angels Music Video

By Marty Stalker | 3rd November, 2013 | Music Video | No Comments

After the ambitious ‘Love in the Shadows’ music video for Circuit21, it was time to get ourselves back to the drawing board for the next production. What we collectively agreed on early was that we were going to tone down the VFX on this one and opt for a more live action video within a narrative. So the ‘Sin City’ meets ‘Fight Club’ concept was born. Again, it was ambitious but i was confident that the team and I could make this happen. After finding a suitable location, the first physical construction of the shoot was the fight cage itself made entirely from scratch by the genius that is Ciaran Larkin from I Make Anything.

Why Change If It Works

By Marty Stalker | 27th May, 2013 | Director of Photography, Documentaries | 1 Comment

“Now use a real camera next time!” A comment I received over three years ago when one of my short films (which was filmed on a DSLR) was Staff Picked on Vimeo. Now, I’m still facing the same snobbery attitude towards DSLR cameras. For me, the camera systems have been an extremely important part of my career so far and I am hugely grateful. I’ve always highlighted the importance of knowing the limitations of the camera you’re operating. DSLRs have a bag full of problems but they have copious amounts of positive aspects as well.