The C Project

The C Project Films

THE C PROJECT is a collaboration programme for Northern Ireland filmmakers and writers at all levels. The team at Scattered Images are looking to collaborate with three filmmakers/ writers each year as well as raise the profiles of skilled people in other departments who are struggling to get noticed.

“Since moving over to Northern Ireland in 2008, I have been surprised by the large amount of independent film makers over here and the general lack of communication with regards to collaborating on projects. Personally, I have always believed that having more than one creative mind on a project will produce a greater, richer result. I also think having a forum where a creative team can spark ideas off one another and draw on each other’s expertise will result in some exciting outcomes.” Marty Stalker, Director, Scattered Images.

Although the budgets won’t be substantial, the wealth of creative input will prove that good ideas and considered execution counts for more than just monetary input. This is not necessarily a teaching programme but once chosen, your filmmaking journey will begin using the latest HD technology. The team are also looking for Northern Ireland based Producers, Assistant Directors, MUAs, Actors, Composers, Costume, Prop Designers and VFX artists to join the programme. So get in touch!