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I was approached by Sky Sports Presenter Charlie Webster to make a documentary about her 250 mile challenge for Womens Aid. She wanted a ‘warts and all’ / unpolished account of the seven days and how could I turn her down? Although the challenge in itself was going to make interesting television, it was the personal story from her past and true motivation which hooked me in the most. All I had to do now was to do the project justice and deliver a raw, captivating film for a potential broadcast once finished.

Film Synopsis: TV presenter Charlie Webster set out on a journey to run 250 miles in 7 days to and from 40 football stadiums to challenge and change perceptions and attitudes towards abuse in all forms. She waived her anonymity over a sexual assault as a teenager in order to open a space for people to stand up to violence against women and children. Charlie used the popularity and power of football to talk to a male and youth audience. In raising awareness of a problem that is deeply rooted in society her own suffering in every step came more and more apparent.

Through the power of social media, I managed to source UK mainland camera operators who offered their valuable time to the production and who I’ll always be thankful for. The 7 days was packed full of incidents including 2 trips to Accident and Emergency and 5 doctor visits.

My style of documentary filmmaking is to remain as unobtrusive as possible in order to capture natural and candid moments that will communicate well to an audience. In documentary productions you just don’t know what will happen and I enjoy the spontaneous element to this type of storytelling. So, it was important that I had a lot of camera coverage each day. Support bikes were fitted with Drift HD Ghost cameras and Go Pro cameras were attached to helmets, car bonnets and windows. Through the viewfinder, I watched the full range of emotions that Charlie endured through the week and I have full admiration for what she achieved. The final chapter will be in finishing the film and news of its release will be online soon.

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  1. Paul Corrick says:

    Hi – Charlie was voted as the winner of The Runners’ Challenge Award at the inaugural Running Awards, held in central London on the 11th April. She was invited to stage to describe her challenge, and presented with the award by Kerry McCarthy from Runner’s World, who accompanied her on part of her Challenge.
    We have 720p footage of this and her speech, pending Charlie’s permission, if you would be interested in viewing or using any of this.
    I look forward to hearing from you – or, in my absence, please contact

    All the best

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