Short Film: Nuts & Robbers

I received the script for ‘Nuts & Robbers’ last year from Aidan Gault, a very talented young filmmaker. It ticked a lot of boxes for me and I knew we could definitely make this short film on the limited funds that we had. Even at that early stage, I already had the actors in mind to play the roles. Actors who I had worked with before and actors who I’d been keeping an eye on over the last year. The script needed tidying and tightening up, so a few months of script development began. From the beginning, Aidan showed a real enthusiasm towards developing his skills and this maintained throughout the various phases of Production. He’s definitely a young filmmaker to keep an eye on! Comedy sequences need vigorous rehearsal time, especially when you have physical elements involved. So we put a side a few hours of rehearsal at my studio to do just that. We also wanted the dialogue between the characters to be slick and natural so we also introduced script read through sessions during the build up to the production. As a result, when the actors arrived on set and with the costumes on, the laughs subsequently began! I can honestly declare that I’ve never laughed so much behind a camera in my life and the actors did us proud.

Photograph by Chris Huston

Photograph by Chris Huston

From my experiences with working with young talent on ‘Desecration’, I knew that I needed to get the child actor in and away again as quickly as possible due to the content of the story and the swearing in certain scenes. Larry Cowan recommended Lewis to me from his own ‘Cowboys and Dissidents’ production. Lewis didn’t let us down and took direction like a true professional!

Photograph by Chris Huston

The next script submissions for The C Project will open on the 1st April 2012. Although I will be communicating this again in more detail on The C Project Facebook Page soon, I’ve listed below the reasons why Aidan’s script was successful and why it ticked so many boxes for me:

  • The original story had one location (Two after the script development phases)
  • The characters were believable and the dialogue was slick and humorous
  • The story had a twist, which I’m a big fan of. Too many times I’m let down by endings in scripts but this ending was clever. By the way, you don’t have to add a twist into the story for the sake of it but let me come away with something not nothing.
  • There were no camera angles added to the script which is one of the biggest distractions for me. All that can come later.

On reflection of The C Project’s first year I can honestly declare that making four short films over the twelve months along with my own projects was too ambitious. Nevertheless, the programme is fighting on and I have decided to collaborate and make three short films this year. Remember that this short film and many others will be playing at the FREE Indie Film Event on Saturday 31st March at the Odeon, Victoria Square, Belfast.

Poster designed by Chris McClenaghan

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  1. Mike Haven says:

    I was at the premiere, today, and I have to say this was a real laugh out loud film. The entire audience gave spontaneous and justified long applause at the end. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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  3. I watched Nuts and Robbers for the first time at the Short Steps QFT shorts screening last night and loved it – Thank you for another great short from Belfast. ..all of the above slick, funny with a good twist and a clever ending – winner recipe for a fantastic short. Great work and congratulations.

  4. Thank you for your kind words!

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