Short Film Shoot : Hammer

Since starting The C Project in April, I have been overwhelmed with the large numbers of people interested in collaborating on short film projects. Through the power of social media, I have also managed to discover extremely talented prop designers, photographers, composers, actors and VFX artists who have and are willing to give up their precious time for the programme.

Colin, an architect based in Belfast, spotted a tweet that I had sent out about The C Project and he contacted me straight away about participating. He arrived with a few notes for a film scribbled down on a sheet of A4. His idea had me hooked from the start. It was a good story and it was manageable. I knew Colin was keen so I offered him the May slot on the project, which he accepted enthusiastically.

After the Script Development stage, ‘Hammer’ was born. Although there isn’t much dialogue, I knew we had to get somebody experienced enough to play the male lead. I had only one actor in mind for the role, Derek Halligan. I had worked with Derek a year ago on a corporate project and became friends ever since. He has so much character in his face and I knew he was a professional in his craft. He didn’t let us down!

On the evening of the first production day, I sent out another tweet, asking for help. I required a Belfast based photographer to shoot BTS stills for the following morning. Within five minutes, I had three photographers expressing an interest. Simon Mills could commit to my timings and he met us at the Harland and Wolff location. He didn’t let us down either and I will definitely be using him again on future projects!

The C Project was never designed to be a teaching programme. My main aim is to get out of the studio and shoot short films within a limited budget. Don’t get me wrong, not every script can be done and this is why I have to choose the right idea for the project. People have warned that there is a risk of me burning out whilst delivering The C Project. What they don’t know is that it’s the whole process of filmmaking that keeps me going. Every time I arrive at a location, it doesn’t matter how tired I am, my passion for what I am doing drives and spurs me on.

Although the time frame is ambitious, every film produced in The C Project will be of a high quality and done to the best of our ability. ‘Hammer’ was completed for a final cost of £225 and we’re hoping to get it completed for the Virgin Media Shorts deadline. You will also be able to view it at local film festivals coming soon.

A Look Forward: I will be filming a silent short film called ‘Drowned at Birth’ at the end of June with Bobby Walsh in association with The C Project. Watch This Space!

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  1. Designboy says:

    Class work – had been looking forward to seeing this, I’m blessed that the poster grade I made actually matched the overall look for your grade with out talking to you about it. The whole thing looks stunning, love the DOF and the pace to the trailer.

  2. Love your ambition and dedication to your work. Been checking out the site and your work. Brilliant!. Looks really good, good clean shots and with a helluva budget. Hope my conversion to video looks just as good

  3. Thanks Hakeem and Chris, your positive feedback is much appreciated!

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